Team Profile

Committed to excellence in Australian manufacturing, Adams Print is 100% owned and operated by two brothers, Shane and Robert Soutar.


With their involvement over the last 20 years Adams Print has grown from a small one-and two-colour printer operating behind a shop front in Malop Street, Geelong to purpose-built facilities in Breakwater, Geelong and Melbourne utilising latest print technologies and processes.

Shane Soutar – Managing Director

Shane has a lifetime of printing experience and is the driving force behind the Adams Print constant and meticulous quest for printing excellence.


He spends a large part of his long working hours advising clients on innovative and cost-effective solutions to fulfil their design goals. Further, Shane involves the wealth of knowledge and experience within the company as required, to meet exacting end results.

Robert Soutar – Production Manager

Rob has a trade printing background with 35 years’ experience as a production manager specialising in print engineering and innovation.


While you will rarely see Rob visiting your office, he works tirelessly behind the scenes giving your jobs all the care and attention they deserve.

Our Team

We learned long ago that we’re in the business of building relationships. For that reason, we put a premium on hiring only the most qualified individuals to work with us. Every person at Adams Print is committed to providing first-rate customer service and producing the highest-quality products. Nothing matches the pride we have in our team.


Over the past two decades Adams Print has been a perennial award winner, at a national and state level. National Print Awards to date: 39 Gold, 23 Silver and 15 Bronze plus 3 coveted Judges Awards. This is complemented by Victorian PICA awards: 26 Gold, 22 Silver and 16 Bronze.


None of these awards have been won by Adams Print alone, they are in fact a recognition of the collaboration and effort by Adams Print and their talented, creative clients.

Green is the preferred option at Adams Print

The working environment we have created in our purpose-built factory incorporates future friendly printing processes and responsible recycling procedures.

Paper Selection:
When ever it is practical we actively promote the use of recycled acid free paper. We continually test all types of recycled stocks on the market to demonstrate to our clients that the use of recycled stock is not a substitute for high quality. Today gold medal winning results are achievable using stocks with a high recycled content. Making the green choice, the intelligent choice.

Ink Selection:
Adams Print predominately use vegetable based inks. These are made from a variety of vegetable oils such as linseed, canola and soya beans. No compromise of results has been found from a visual aspect since changing to vegetable inks in 2005. There have been many advantages gained since taking this initiative such as: cleaner brighter print, rub resistant finish and most importantly the printed product is easier to de–ink in the recycling process, resulting in a less hazardous more manageable sludge for re-pulping.

Plate Making:
Adams Print use the latest computer to plate technology comprising of aluminium plates coated in a vegetable based gum. Totally eliminating the use of film and chemistry related to film processing.

Water / Isopropyl alcohol reductions:
Adams Print Heidelberg presses are equipped with alcohol dampening systems that minimise the percentage of alcohol used in the process down to 3%. Combined with the Hydro star system that recycles the press water and filters it through fines pores. Enabling us to use our solution three times longer than normal, saving water and waste.

Adams Print recycles almost every product used internally from the obvious paper, aluminium plates, and timber pallets to the unusual such as compact discs, computer cartridges, press ink cartridges, mobile phones, excess computer equipment and plastic shrink wrap waste. New suggestions are encouraged internally.

Adams Print is an environmentally conscious company with a rich history. We believe recycling is not something new – we have been recycling for over a century. We are committed to continual improvement and education.